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★ McFLY Philippines Project 2010 ★
Wednesday, 23 December 2009 @ 18:10
McFly Philippines shall kick off a good start this coming 2010!

Since Radio:ACTIVE is now being sold in almost all big record bars around the Philippines, let's all work together to promote McFly here in our country. There are different discussions that can be found in our boards so you guys can participate in the promotions as well.

WE CAN DO THIS GUYS! I KNOW WE CAN! MCFLY WILL COME TO THE PHILIPPINES! (positive energies everyone... it shall come true! XD)

Admin's Note:
I want to say sorry to everyone for not updating the site. It's just been a busy year for me as well. But now that I have an ultimate reason why I should go back and update, expect a lot to come. Sorry again... :|

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Monday, 8 June 2009 @ 03:32
I have added McFly's Up Close and This Time It's Personal Tour photos to our new gallery. Check it out!

Don't forget to vote for Tom as Mr. TwitterUniverse! We only have a couple of hours left before they announce the winner! Also, we can vote for Tom as Mr.TwitterPhilippines! SO GET ON VOTING GUYS!

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Saturday, 6 June 2009 @ 22:48
First of all, I'm really sorry if I haven't updated this thing for ages. I, myself, have gone way out of time with McFly. They've been touring so much and there are just so many things to know.

Warning! This will be very long.

McFly Brazil 2009

McFly arrived at Brazil on May 21, 2009.The last time the group had been in the country was in October 2008 and the return happened because of the petition organized by the Internet, where thousands of signatures were gathered.

The first city to receive the band is Manaus. After the Amazon capital, the group will present in Fortaleza (Saturday, 23), Recife (Sunday, 24), Brasilia (Tuesday, 26), São Paulo (Thursday and Friday, 28 and 29), Rio (Saturday, 30) and Porto Alegre (Thursday, June 2). Here are a couple of them:

McFly guested in Brazil's famous Domingao do Faustao

McFly also did a team up with LG to produce a mobile phone.

LG, partnership with EMI, brings us the newest product with smart technology and unique functions, offering a content which is based in one of the most booming success of teen music: the British band McFly. The cell phone LG Music (GM205) still has a different and one of a kind look which has never been seen in Brazil before: the content of music is on karaoke format that simulates on the cell phone screen the effects of a traditional karaoke, ideal for people who like to sing.

There are 6 contents available on the cell phone. Two unpublished songs, One For The Radio and Lies, wallpaper of the components of the band – Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, Harry Judd and Dougie Poynter – and the songs Lies, All About You and Transylvania on the karaoke format. To make you sure of the high quality of the mobile LG opted for Dolby Mobile technology, sound 2.1 channels and integrated woofer.

“Traditionally LG appreciates everything that involves culture and technology. We are experts in the fabrication of cell phones focused in music and McFly is a selling success inside and out of the country. This is a combination that has everything to work out pretty well and we believe that since the beginning this product will be one more highlight on the sells” affirms Marcus Daniel de Souza Machado, director of the cell phone department on LG.

The EMI Music, McFly’s Brazilian Recording Company, is betting high on the new mobile’s LG Music (GM205) success. “It’s a strategic project for EMI Music Brasil, especially for beginning a partnership with LG.”, remarks José Pena, manager of the new medias of the recorder. “This time we could align two huge launches – the new band’s DVD and the LG’s mobile phone – to McFly’s coming to Brazil. No doubt at all, the millions of McFly’s fans in our country couldn’t dream of a better gift”, he completes.

To track the versatility of this phone LG has invested in the modern design and the hot and modern colors of this product which is available in a mix of black and orange. The cell phone has a 2.0 Mega Pixels camera, memory card of 2GB, Bluetooth stereo, FM radio with a recorder function and an internal antenna and the medium price suggested is R$399,00.

McFly at Casseta Planeta

The band McFly has recorded a special appearance for the comedy show Casseta e Planeta from TV Globo. In the show, the story will be: the band is on their way to a concert and then decides to change their route. The driver, played by Helio De La Peña, gets lost, and they end up at a community from Rio, where they’re almost robbed.

The thieves, however, get excited when they see their idols and it all ends in a special concert to the community, where the band plays one of their greatest hits, Do Ya.

“We did a promotion in our website which would reward a fan, and it made many others to come and check the shooting”, said Helio De La Peña.

“We had wide technical support, including first quality instruments. But it was worth”, said the show director, José Lavigne.

These scenes will air next Tuesday (June 09th), on Casseta e Planeta, after the soap opera Caminho das Índias.

McFly Blogs in Brazil

Hello from Brazil

Hey guys,
sorry we've been such terrible bloggers. Well, I say "we" but it's only ever me and dougie that do it. Harry still isn't sure if this thing called the internet is gonna catch on and wants to give it a few more years before he decides to turn his computer on or not.

So, we are in Brazil at the moment and just played the Sao Paulo show which was epic. Quick update of the trip so far...swam with dolphins in the Amazon, held some monkeys and a snake, had some chocolate pizza, played some awesome shows, lost my voice, broke my red les paul, now got my dark brown SG, voice is back...and the fans here are awesome.

That's the very short version, i'd go into the long version but it involves dougie naked with the snake so I probably shouldn't.

Anyways, if you still aren't following us on twitter then I'm very disappointed in you. Get your little clicking fingers over to twitter.com/@tommcfly now and follow me!!!!!! Your missing out on lots...you haven't lived until you've tweeted.

Anyway, signing off



McFly Argentina 2009

Seventeen Argentina Interviews McFly
The most beautiful faces in the UK came to our country and we were here!

McFly went to Sheraton Hotel Retiro to talk about their fans, their music, their love and gave a sneak peak of their concert which will happen at 21hrs in La Trastienda.

McFly has captured teenage hearts everywhere and they promised to produce a one-night only concert for the Argentina fans. Since their first single, Five Colours in Her Hair back in 2004, the boys' success has truly evolved and stepped-up to a higher level.

It was time that you went to ask about them and you were right! This quartet formed by Tom Fletcher (guitar and vocals), Danny Jones (guitar and vocals), Dougie Poynter (bass and backvocals) and Harry Judd (drums) are definitely a love!

McFly in Radio Disney Argentina

Yesterday, in addition to the Meet & Greet the magazine Teen Luna, the McFly part of Radio Disney.
Some weeks before the radio also drawn 14 entries to know the boys, giving them the winners attended an interview in the studio of Radio Disney, and then could take pictures with them.

Photos coming soon!

Meet and Greet in Argentina

Danny Calls for Fans In A Bar

Using his twitter account, Danny Jones called up for some fans to meet him in a bar. The location wasn't for VIPs and fans had an easy access to the rockstar. Fans had a blast with him as he offered to have some pictures.

Late McFly England News

Despite the band being so busy with the Latin America Tour, wherein they are currently in Chile, McFly have left behind news for everyone in England... and the other unfortunate parts of the world.

McFly playing in V festival

The Thrills and McFly have been added to the V Festival line-up taking place in Chelmsford and Staffordshire.

Irish band the Thrills will release their third album Teenager this year and will play V after four and a half years of touring the globe.

McFly are the customary pop act added to the festival line-up to bring about a bi-polar character, contrasting with the likes of Foo fighters and the Happy Mondays.

Bob Angus, V festival director, said: "In my mind, the perfect festival features a wide range of acts and this year I'm certain we've achieved that.

"A line-up featuring artists that range from Foo Fighters to McFly is just what you want; it appeals to everyone. I'm incredibly pleased with the way this year's V Festival is shaping up, and we've still got another great announcement up our sleeves."

Also added to the line-up are Rilo Kelly, Glen Tilbrook and the Fluffers and the Hours, who will take to the stage along with the 46 other confirmed acts this summer.

The line-up now comprises the Killers, Kasabian, the Kooks, Amy Winehouse and Manic Street Preachers as well as Kanye West and the Fratellis.

Primal Scream will also play at the festival along with Babyshambles, the Coral, Lily Allen, Editors and Jarvis Cocker.

McFly to Produce a Sci-Fi Album

McFly are planning to go "sci-fi" on their next studio album, which is currently in the works.

The group are busy promoting their new DVD, 'Radio: Active Live At Wembley' (out now), but plan to record the album early next year.

Bassist Dougie Poynter told the Daily Star: "It will absolutely kick arse - it is going to blow your heads off."

"The whole concept of the album is really cool. It's more the story we've been working on, think McFly meets The Forbidden Planet."

McFly will be touring again as of next month, including shows held in forest locations.

Mcfly in BBC Switch

Mcfly in Justin Lee Collins Show

Vote for Tom as Mr. Twitteruniverse

Apparently, David Archuleta is taking the lead against our Tom Twittterer. Better get him back in track!

McFly wins Musiqtone.com "you gotta know" artist

McFly won the vote "You Gotta Know" in June at the site of Musiqtone.com. Congratulations to all fans of McFly who voted every day for the last month, fans of the United States welcome.

Pics would soon be uploaded in our Photobucket account. I find Multiply harder to use since it takes forever to upload there, so I opened a photobucket account where pictures of the band can now be seen. See the link at the left side of the page.

Next entry will be an Gallery Update of their Latin American Tour!

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Tuesday, 5 May 2009 @ 00:42
Sorry for the lack of updates. I know it's summer and we're supposed to be super active, but I guess we all have plans, right?

Here are the news! (... warning, it's long! XD)

UCATTIP Tour Updates!

The band has been all around UK lately. They have just finished Wolverhampton, Blackpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Portsmouth, London, Southend, and Ipswich.

Here are some of the reviews:

The Sun - Wolverhampton Show

Playing live increases the appetite
And the boys from McFly were so hungry in his last show in Wolverhampton last week that called pizza in the middle of the show.

The hungry bassist Dougie Poynter called to ask for the pizza then ask the audience to silence. Twenty-four minutes later, a happy delivery of Domino's, VJ, rose to the stage of the Civic Hall with the food.

VJ, who was accompanied to the stage to deliver the application in front of 2,000 fans, told me: "I was just a request. I do not suspect a thing until the safety said: 'You'll be famous. "

The guys are now on the streets in May - to deliver, you were warned.

Pourtsmouth Review

McFly leaves fans of Portsmouth finished with happiness.

Portsmouth Guildhall bubble of pleasure the more increased the tension. The fans of McFly have many things to fantasize, announcing some of their love for their favorite painted with canetinhas.

The screams made the roof shake when the curtains dropped and the guys confident invaded the stage.
Playing a selection of songs from their latest album Radio: ACTIVE, they jumped the stage full of life and energy.

The voice of Danny and Tom sounded like bells, with soil of low quality of Dougie and Harry's battery. McFly proved to be much more than a 'Boyband'.

They entertain and talk to the audience, calling girls dazzled the stage - without doubt a moment that they will always remember.

Lasted not much more to be thrown underwear on stage and the microphones remain decorated with them. Each of the band members spoke to the audience and asked them to pizza - a thing they do in all the presentations to see which city has the fastest delivery service.

The fans left very happy and many parents in the audience also enjoy the show.

"Was it worth it to be camping in the front row?" I asked a few fans.
"Absolutely!" Received a response. Proof, if ever was needed, that McFly are flying high.

Clicke Here to View Some Photos

Props to McFlyers Brazil

McFly Cancels Mexico Tour

It seems to show that McFly will perform in Mexico was canceled due to swine flu that affected the country. The MySpace has been updated and the date of hand edited to 'pending', which indicates that they will arrange a new date for the show, but everything depends on the disease situation in Mexico.

McFly Caps! TV shows and Interviews

May 3rd : they’ll be on T4, performing “Falling in Love” and giving an interview fo the channel.

Poor Quality

May 8th: they’ll be on “Paul o Grady Show”, where they’ll perform “Falling in Love” again and give an interview.
Will be on air their special host on the “Hollyoaks” series, where they performed “Falling in Love”.

Hollyoaks Backstage

May 9th: they’ll be on BBC Sound, performing “Falling in Love” and also give an interview.

The boys of McFly will be DJs for a day, in the famous radio program of Fearn and Reggie. Fearn is off that day, so Reggie will present with McFly for three hours, "BBC Radio 1 Request Show. The program will be broadcast on Saturday 16 May from 4pm to 7pm. (From 12am - 3am here in the Philippines) The program is also transmitted through the Internet and can listen via the BBC site.

May 14th: they’ll be on Justin Lee Collins show.

Twitter Updates are now viewable at the Others Section of this site for easy access.


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★ Up Close and This Time It's Personal @ Wolverhampton and Blackpool + David A mentions McFly in AI ★
Friday, 24 April 2009 @ 03:18

The guys are currently on a day-break from the first two tour dates they have had in Wolverhampton and Blackpool. Both of the shows went very successful. We have two reviews here about the concert. 

Pop princes McFly stormed into Wolverhampton for the start of their latest UK tour – and ordered a pizza to be delivered onto the stage.

The delivery man got the shock of his life when he took an order for an extra large Texan barbecue chicken from the Civic Hall and ended up in front of nearly 2,000 screaming fans.

The moment of fame for the worker, known only as VJ, came at the launch of the band’s small venues tour last night when guitarist Dougie Poynter decided to order a pizza on his mobile in the middle of their set. Staff at Domino’s in Newbridge were requested to deliver the takeaway snack to the stage door ASAP.

Exactly 24 minutes later, an unsuspecting VJ was escorted on to the set and into the glare of the spotlight to a crowd chanting his name. After he had made his exit, two members of the audience were invited on to the stage to devour the pizza.

This was the launch of their Up Close…But This Time It’s Personal tour – and it definitely was. I’ve seen them at the NEC but this was so much better.

The crowd was near enough to observe the band up close and get sprayed with guitarist Dougie Poynter’s bottle of cola.

The band played all their big hits, opening with One For The Radio which sent the crowd into a frenzy from which they never recovered. Five Colours In Her Hair, the song that made them big, and Lies probably went down the best although it was hard to tell given the constant wall of screams.

The band looked as if they were really enjoying themselves and kept up their usual patter with the audience. At one stage, drummer Harry Judd did a ‘Facts About Wolverhampton’ spot, including a congratulations to Wolves for getting promoted which was greeted with equal cheers and boos.

One of the highlights was a cover version of Girls Aloud’s Christmas hit The Promise which was a big improvement on the original. The stage looked slightly spooky, with bits of rag strung between two giant fans, giving the effect of a Halloween film set but the gig was definitely more treat than trick.

The fans sang along very loudly all night and when guitarist Danny Jones shouted “Jump!” as they went into their second number, the crowd didn’t have to be told twice.

This was a typically energetic, upbeat performance from a band that have built up a very loyal and steadily growing fan base


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★ First Stop At UCATTIP Tour + Wolverhampton Blog + UCATTIP Tour Book + New McFly Merchandise + Unseen Pictures ★
Tuesday, 21 April 2009 @ 23:56
Up Close and This Time It's Personal Tour

Just yesterday, McFly have kicked off the Up Close... And This Time It's Personal (UCATTIP) tour in Wolverhampton. Two lucky fans got the opportunity to go on stage with McFly, and according to the source, they shared some pizzas with Danny and Dougie. 

The Promise by Girls Aloud was played as a cover song in their tour. According to rumors, different cover songs are going to be played in every venue. Sources say the next cover would be Use Somebody by Kings of Leon. 

Here's the set list for yesterday's show.

One For The Radio
Everybody knows
Do ya
Falling in love
Room on the 3rd Floor
Down Does Another One
Star Girl
The Promise (cover)
All About You
Last song
5 colours In Her Hair

As said on their Myspace page and by Tom himself, David Archuleta would be catching up on their tour by Friday. Let's see what happens! 

Tom Blogs About First Show


We’re going on stage in about 30 mins for the first night of our uk tour in Wolves…doing some different stuff. Hopefully it’ll work!

Got butterflies in my stomach! We love this venue, we had one of our most memorable shows here about 4 years ago on our first theatre tour and the reaction of the crowd was unbelievable! Fingers crossed for tonight! If you’re out in the crowd now then you wont have to wait much longer.

How weird, we’re twiddling our thumbs waiting to go on stage and you guys are out there waiting for us…why don’t we just go on?! Odd…oh well…see you in half an hour.

What a load of waffle i’ve just written!


The Tour Book is also out with some very awesome pictures of the lads! 

New McFly Merchandise Up On The Website!

Twitter and Some Unseen Pics!

Harry's Twitpics

Tom's Twitpics

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic   

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic   

Dougie's Twitpics

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic   

Danny's Twitpics

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic    

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic  


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